Which Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs Were Most Powerful?

Which Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs Were Most Powerful?

Ancient Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun, who ruled Egypt from 1922-26, was known for his great wealth and for his military prowess.

He is often referred to as the “father of modern Egyptian military power”.

But, was he actually the greatest military commander Egypt has ever had?

Ancient Egypt has been ruled by a succession of pharaoh’s for the last 3,000 years.

Here’s what we know about the 10 greatest pharaoh s from the ancient world.


Tutankamun – 722 BCE to 732 BCE Ancient Egypt is thought to have been a relatively peaceful place for a while, with only small clashes breaking out at certain times.

But in 722 BC, the first year of the Second Intermediate Period, a new threat was introduced: the Black Plague.

The Black Plague spread like wildfire, killing many thousands of people.

This was the beginning of a major decline for Egypt’s economy.

In 734 BC, a series of military expeditions was launched to recapture the country.

These expeditions were met with fierce resistance from both Egyptians and the neighbouring peoples of Ethiopia and Mesopotamia.

By 739 BCE, Egypt had lost over 90% of its population.

The great pharaoh Tuthmosis IV (738-735 BCE) led a devastating invasion in 739, a major victory for the Egyptians over the invading Ethiopians.

Tuthkondi II was the first pharaoh to return to Egypt and was succeeded by his son Nefertiti in 741.

The second pharaoh was Khufu, the last pharaoh of the Third Intermediate Period.

By the time of the Great Pyramid of Giza in 1922, Khufus rule was over and he became a hero.


Akhenaten – 589 BCE to 597 BCE The Great Pyramid at Giza is the tallest pyramid in the world and was completed in the 8th century BC.

Akhetaten ruled Egypt for many centuries.

He was a brilliant military leader, but he was a poor ruler.

His son Khufut ruled Egypt until he died in 590 BCE.

He had two sons, Tutanki and Khafre.

Khafres son, Akhenato I ruled Egypt after his father.

Akhanato II ruled Egypt as Khufubba until his death in 591 BCE.

Akhmedabad – 590-588 BCE Akhenatebnid Dynasty (aka Akhenates Dynasty) The Akhenatedans are the rulers of the kingdom of Akhena (also known as “Akhenaten”).

Akhenazi ruled Egypt with a series in 588-590 BCE.

His daughter-in-law was the great queen of the city of Akhter, who was later named Akhenna.

She ruled Akhterna for about four years before becoming pregnant.

She married her second husband, the ruler of a neighbouring kingdom, and their son, Amenhotep III, ruled for over a century.


Akhemed – 588 BCE to 618 BCE The Akhembes, who are known as the Great Kings of the Nile Valley, ruled Egypt over the next four centuries.

Akhematen ruled for several years, but the empire was gradually reduced by an attack from the neighboring kingdom of Shishak.

The Shishaks invaded Egypt in 586 BCE and killed Akhemet’s father, Akhet.

The rulers of Egypt decided to take refuge in the city-state of Shushak.

After a great fight, the Shishakis were defeated and fled to Egypt.


Akhmets son, Amun – 586-583 BCE Amun, the Great King of the Nubians, ruled over Egypt for about three years.

In the meantime, the Assyrians, who were then ruling the kingdom, invaded Egypt and took over the throne.

Amun was killed by the Assyrian forces in 584 BCE.

The Assyrians also took over Egypt from the Egyptians, who took refuge in Egypt in the Great Mosque of Luxor.

The Nubian kingdom was unified under the rule of the Assyriac Empire.


Akhtaten – 529 BCE to 529 BCE Akhtataten ruled over the kingdom and the region of Babylonia from 529 BCE until his own death in 529 BCE.

5,000 B.C. The first king of the Sumerian Empire, Akhtâm-nu, was born in Babylon.

His father Akhtu-nû, who is also known as Akhtunu, ruled Babylon for a number of years, and the family lived in Babylon for the next three centuries.


Akhataten – 456 BCE to 462 BCE Akhatataten, the father of the great Pharaoh Akhatlun, ruled Mesopotamian Mesopotania from the year


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