The Ancient Aura Jewelry Store that sold me a new ring

The Ancient Aura Jewelry Store that sold me a new ring

In a world of instant gratification, it can be hard to know what to expect.

I was shocked to discover I was buying a ring from a jeweler in a store that wasn’t even listed on the official website. 

The ring was purchased for Rs 4,500 ($1,200). 

My eyes were wide open.

I had never seen a ring this expensive at an online shop.

The ring I had purchased from the shop was in pristine condition.

The seller’s Instagram account said it was an “old aura ring” that was “probably from the late 1700s.”

The seller had clearly bought this ring from an antique store. 

“The ring is old and I have never seen such a fine ring,” I said to the seller, who insisted he was a jewelers apprentice.

He also said he was an auctioneer.

He told me he had a large collection of old gems and metals. 

When I contacted the seller to inquire further, he said he sold jewelry for around Rs 3,000 to Rs 4 at auction houses in the city.

The ring was bought for Rs 3 ,500 ($ 1,200) in the name of the “ancient aura jewelry store” on the Instagram account of an auction house.

The account was registered on December 6, 2017.

I bought the ring at the online auction house in Pune.

It was worth around Rs 5,000. 

The auction house’s owner, Pune-based Virendra Dutta, told me that he bought the antique ring in February 2017 for Rs 10,000 ($1) from an auction in the same town.

The owner told me the ring was “not a gift” and it was not his. 

Dutta was not available for comment. 

What happened to the ring?

The seller told me it was “taken by the shopkeeper to the local shop and auctioneer who took it to the dealer.” 

The seller’s account was also deleted. 

I contacted Dutcha, who claimed he was unable to comment on the ring because he was busy and could not give me the details of the buyer. 

After visiting the auction house, I contacted Duttas family.

The buyer’s father, who was also unable to speak to me, confirmed that the ring had been sold and that the owner had been “sending money” to the buyer’s wife. 

But, when I reached the family, I could not find the ring in Dutts possession. 

In my interview with Dutka, he admitted to buying the ring from the antique store, but claimed that the shop owner had asked him to sell the ring.

Dutte had told me, “I was selling it for Rs 5 lakh.

It is a piece of history.” My story: I am not a jeweller, but I bought this antique ring from India’s most prestigious antique store on Instagram. 

While I was researching this story, I was surprised to discover that this ring, which had been bought by a jewelery shop in a town in India, was sold by a jewellery store that was listed on a website for Rs 1,500. 

According to the auction website, the ring is an “original aura ring from ancient times”.

It was bought by the owner of the auction shop for Rs 2,000 from an online auction. 

This ring, the owner told me, was “from the late 17th century.” 

He had bought the item on November 15, 2017 from a nearby antique shop for about Rs 1 lakh ($1). 

The shopkeeper, a resident of Pune, told I that the item was sold on December 5, 2017 for about $3,000 at an auction.

This ring was a gift from a jewellers apprentice who had sold it to a jewells shop owner for Rs 6,000 on February 5, 2018. 

 The ring belonged to a jewelry seller from Pune who was “brave enough to send money” for the buyer, the jewellery shop owner told the I. Who is the buyer? 

The jeweller who bought the piece said that the buyer was the “owner” of the shop, who gave the ring to him. 

He said that he did not know the buyer and did not intend to sell it. 

A friend of the owner also told the I that he had been buying rings for “one to three months” from the seller. 

It was not clear from the shop owner’s Instagram page whether the buyer had bought it for himself or from another person. 

There were no Instagram accounts in the names of the sellers of the ring, but the shop’s owner’s name was posted on the account of a jewelling store.

It seems the seller of the jewelry shop had no connection with the shop and was not a “shop owner” who was selling his products for profit. 

Was the ring worth


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